About LSA Seeds and the Effects of Morning Glory Seeds

by babywoodrose

About the Morning Glory seeds

Morning glory is a name that refers to more than one thousand species of plants that bear flowers and belonging to convolvulaceae family. They have a systematics and taxonomy that is currently in flux.

Morning Glory Isa seeds are smaller and black in color. They have a weaker concentration of LSA as compared to other Isa seeds.   As such, a lot of them are made into water or tea in order to give an entheogenic experience.morning glory seeds About LSA Seeds and the Effects of Morning Glory Seeds

Morning glory seeds are some of the seeds that contain LSA. LSA is a psychedelic that occurs naturally in many plants. Another popular plant containing LSA seeds is the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, producing Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds.  These seeds contain the ergot alkaloids such as hallucinogenic ergonovine.

Although some people use these Isa seeds for treatments and recreation, many others have complained about their side effects. As such, one is torn between their usefulness and side effects. It becomes hard top decide whether they are worth using or not. However, before making that critical decision about these LSA seeds, it is important to know a few things.

Important to know

Many people who have used morning glory Isa seeds for their treatments have reported some effects. These may vary depending on the individual and the dose taken.

Morning Glory Isa seed effects

These are just some of the effects that one may experience after consuming morning glory seeds or other lsa seeds. Thus, you should be aware that there even others but they are determined by an individual and the dosage taken.

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