The Different Strains of Morning Glory Seeds and Their LSA Content

by babywoodrose

Commonly known as Ipomoea violacea in its scientific name,Morning glory has different strains of seeds. The different varieties  of the  the Isa morning  glory contain LSA. LSA is an  acid amide which is closely related to LSD. It is taken as an extraction  derived from Morning  glory and has a wide range of effects  including  both visual and audio hallucinations while its side effects can lead to nausea and vomiting.

Strains and LSA contentmorning glory seeds The Different Strains of Morning Glory Seeds and Their LSA Content

In deed there are  different strains of morning glory Isa seeds and  the list can not be clearly distinguished as to whether their classification into the different  types is based on color or the LSA content. It is vital to understand that different  strains will contain different LSA contents. All morning  glories  do not contain LSAs with some having some trace amount of the the toxins contained in the plants. Some of these strains of Isa morning glory include:

l  Heavenly star-  This Isa morning glory  strain  has more approximately 60 seed which are all contained in a single pack .Based on coloration, it is blue and heavenly blue. It has the same hallucinogenic effects as all the other LSA containing morning glory seeds. Its LSA content is also very high and is thus used widely in those countries where such seeds have no limitation s to use.

l  Pearl gates- This strain of morning  glory contains  naturally occurring LSA. This variety is widely sought  and are mainly climbing vines in areas wheres they grow. They have beautiful flowers and the seeds  can be grown and organically harvested. It is rated among the seed with the highest LSA content among the different strains of Isa morning glory.

l  Flying saucer- This strain of Isa morning glory are also high in LSA content. They are known to induce nausea and even various visual limitations . Those who have used these seeds complain of blurred vision  and even poor audio abilities.

l  Crimson rambler- It is one of the most popular of the various morning glory strain. As the name depicts, it  is crimson colored  on its flowers  and also has  red veins. With similar effects as the other strains, it has the highest LSA content but before use one must ascertain that the seeds are free fro m various synthetic chemicals   and  its strength ranges between half and  three quarters.

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